Moving and Handling

The moving and handling team in 2010 delivered approximately 3000 training hours to home care.

The courses delivered comprised of; 2 day moving and handling induction, 1 day moving and handling refresher courses, ½ day moving and handling updates and on-site equipment training. 

Our bespoke training packages, introduced to accommodate differing needs of our client groups, have proved popular and have helped generate additional service requests from clients, including the undertaking of moving and handling and manual handling specific risk assessments.

External training provisions are re-developed annually in partnership with the individual clients. Each customer has their own identity and the training package has been individualised to suit the environment and the requirements of the customer base.

Course Profile

Load Management

1/2 Day
Course Information
To raise staff awareness and provide knowledge and understanding of the manual handling operations legislation and approved codes of practice. 
To promote safe handling. 
To demonstrate principles and patterns of efficient movement. 
To provide theoretical and practical tuition with supervised practical sessions.
All individuals.
Demonstration, theoretical and practical sessions.
Loose comfortable clothing and flat shoes should be worn.
from £450 per course