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Evac training

2.5 hours
Course Information
Course Title
2½ hours

Course Information

Training Provider Cordia Learning
Aim To provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to operate an Evac chair with confidence  
By the end of the course you should;
  • Be competent in using the Evac chair in the event of a fire drill or a real evacuation situation
  • Be aware of current legislation regarding the evacuation of public buildings
  • Understand the need for a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)
 Delegate Profile Evac operations requires physically assisting people to get out of the building, therefore the delegate must be able to carry this task out without placing themselves in any undue risk – i.e. the delegates presented should have no underlying health conditions which may be exacerbated with manual handling activity.
Delivery Method Trainer facilitated session with delegate participation through practical application of skills.
Pre-work N/A
Additional information Ideally delegates should hold a valid manual handling certificate or competency assessment.

Delegates who express an interest in assisting people from the building in event of an emergency situation.
Practical sessions
Delegates must be physically capable of manual handling tasks. Only 4 delegates per course.
£285 + Vat per course